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Our comprehensive, step-by-step employer redundancy advice package covers every stage of the redundancy process:

  • Determining whether or not a statutory redundancy situation exists
  • Considering a range of alternatives to redundancy
  • Describing UK redundancy law, employee rights and employer obligations
  • Deciding whether to invite voluntary redundancies
  • Analysing work and staff performance in preparation for redundancies
  • Selecting employees for non-voluntary redundancy
  • Calculating statutory redundancy payment
  • Calculating other redundancy pay and termination payments including pay in lieu of notice
  • Considering other legislation such as potential discrimination
  • Arranging interviews with selected employees
  • Offering alternative employment to selected employees
  • Conducting the interviews: a detailed step-by-step guide is provided
  • Giving notice using the pro forma redundancy letter provided
  • Ensuring actions are properly recorded by using the other pro forma letters provided
  • Meeting the requirements for an appeal
  • Considering the need to manage and motivate the remaining staff after redundancy


This is presented as follows:

  • Redundancy Expert eBook
    This explains all the legal and procedural requirements and gives tips on how to manage the human side, plus a check list to help you conduct the interview.

  • Redundancy Expert Audio Consultation
    This is for those who prefer to listen, rather than read! It talks through the process, step by step, explaining points in simple and clear terms. It offers examples and more detailed advice about how to reduce stress and manage the whole procedure so as to minimize costs and avoid ill-feeling. There are eight short audio chapters, which explain the whole redundancy process and the advice can be listened to again and again if required. 

  • Redundancy Expert Letters
    Included FREE when you download the package!
    This is a set of pro-forma letters for each stage of the process so you can be sure that your records are in order. These can be easily adapted for individual use.
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Pre-written Redundancy Letter Templates

If you buy the whole package, the letters are included free.

This is a set of five letters which are examples of good practice when writing to employees.
They are designed to be easily adapted to meet individual circumstances, and you can be confident that they meet all current procedural and legal requirements.
These letters will also form the basis of your records, when copies are placed on the individual’s personal file.

The letters cover the following situations:

  • inviting employees to an interview to discuss potential redundancy
  • confirming the outcome of the interview
  • responding to an appeal against being dismissed for redundancy
  • confirming the outcome of an appeal
  • notifying someone who had been under threat of redundancy that they will not be made redundant.

You can buy just the letters:
All five of these letters are available to you for only £8.00.
Some solicitors are offering similar letters for up to £80.00 each!



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